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Register of recruits into the Metropolitan Police

In the National Archives are two registers, MEPO 3 41-2, which give names of the first recruits into the Metropolitan Police from 21st September 1829 until approximately 5th February 1830 (warrant numbers 1 - 3247).    

These registers are reproduced on this website.

Because the files are large, you may have to wait a while for them to load.

If you know the approximate warrant number, you can click on the sub-series to save time.  The register is not compiled in strict chronological order, however.   It appears that officers who had already been dismissed may have been dealt with first, and allocated warrant numbers retrospectively.   Then follow those required to resign, and then officers by Division.

 You may be able to use the search facility on your computer (eg CTRL - F) to find a particular name once you have clicked on the link(s) to reach the individual lists by warrant number shown below.  To search through the whole list you therefore have to go to each of the four pages in turn.

  There is another register at the National Archives (HO 65 / 26) which is more comprehensive for this period.   Details of various sources are given on the Family History page.

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