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Alan Moss collaborated with the authors Keith Skinner and the late Martin Fido in  The Official Encyclopedia of Scotland Yard


Alan Moss and Keith Skinner are authors of:

 The Scotland Yard Files - Milestones in Crime Detection published by The National Archives

The Victorian Detective published by Shire Library

Scotland Yard's History of Crime in 100 Objects  published by The History Press


Alan Moss, Peter Kennison and David Swinden have written:

Behind the Blue Lamp:  Scotland Yard's Police Stations 1829 - 2020 published by Mango Books


Alan Moss has written Prisoners of Profit?  Do financial considerations drive investment decisions too far in the Police Service?  published by the Centre for Reform, paper no 29 ISBN 1-902622-35-9 2002

Alan Moss has appeared in a number of TV programmes about policing history and historic crimes.

Alan Moss served in the Metropolitan Police in all ranks to Chief Superintendent 1967 - 1997 and has worked abroad on policing issues in Indonesia and Abu Dhabi.


Keith Skinner has co-authored many books on crime, and is an acknowleged authority on the Whitechapel Murders (Jack the Ripper).  



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